image001You can lead a horse to water…

(Second in a series of Blogs based on old sayings)


[A]fter my last blog where I spoke about Joy Squared wanting to focus on “Life changing” and “generational” support of those in need, I have now been asked to write about what exactly are life changing and generational kinds of support. I decided to look back at what we have been able to do over the last few years to see if we are even meeting that mark.

I immediately thought of the family who needed help adopting two young girls who otherwise might have been abandoned. Those girls now have a loving home. Then, there is the woman who we were able to give a bus ticket to so she could see her son’s Bar Mitzva, rejoining a family that time and shame had torn apart. There have been bikes purchased so people had a way to get to work, a Motor home purchase to keep someone off the street, the woman who was able to get her certificate to teach knitting, even dental work that was provided to help someone have a better chance to get work. I see all of these things as a way to “teach a man to fish” and giving people opportunities to better themselves, and their outlook.

In writing this I have to ask, have we always been successful in our efforts to help people? I’d say, yes. We have been able to help more people with things both big and small: From motor homes to a simple hospital visit. Has everyone we helped taken full advantage of the opportunities and change their lives for the better? Umm, no. Thus, our horse friends pictured above. We can give all kinds of help to people, but it doesn’t mean they will use it for our intended purpose. (You can lead a horse to water, but you can make him drink. Get it?) This is not to say that no lives have been changed, because they have been. Just not 100%.

It is with this self-evaluation that the Joy Squared Board decided to also take a look at our mission statement. The mission statement for us, like most companies, is a measuring tool that we can look at when faced with a request or decision and ask, “Does this fit within the parameters of what we want to do?” As a board, we decided we needed to get Water is the paired element of your sign, and in fact, you have a more fundamental connection with water than any other aquarius horoscopes sign. a little more specific in who and why and how we help. How can we find horses that were thirsty, and don’t just want to go for a little walk?

So please indulge me and let me introduce and unpack our new Joy Squared Mission Statement:

 “We come alongside people who are in need, with the discerning vision to swiftly and discreetly assist in closing a short term gap, resulting in lasting and generational change in their lives.”

Coming alongside someone is very different than lending a hand to pull someone up or pushing someone from behind. It shows that we are there with you, equal in our desire to help you through your situation. For us it means that the person being helped is already in a forward motion but just needs that extra help, which we can provide to make a difference in a life. I’ve written about discernment before on this site, but I think we have taken it to the next level by purposefully taking these requests to God before acting on them. We acknowledge the Holy Spirit as the giver of wisdom in our desire to help people. We desire to be discreet in our assistance is another way to bring God into the picture. We are told in the gospel Matthew chapter 6, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (NIV) Although it brings us great joy to help others, our main goal is the please God by caring for His people.

Swiftly and short term go together to say that we want to help people to get from one step in the betterment of their life. We hope that help with one step, will allow people to climb the rest of the stairs on their own. (See my last blog, Teach a Man to Fish.) This brings me to lasting, which seems to fly in the face of short term. Because we want our support to be swift, it doesn’t mean that we drop a person at the next step and disappear. We want to develop and share relationships with the people we help. Mentorship and guidance are high on our list of priorities. But this is also where you come in. We want to share the joy of service and share these relationships with a group of people who want to mentor others and can use their expertise and gifts to come alongside people and families to secure their footing on this horse path we call life. Joy Squared will continue to seek out mentors and advisors to share in our experiences, who may be able to continue the relationship that we started by Joy Squared extend their service to those in need.

And finally I come full circle with generational change. It is our constant prayer that the help we give will change the person who receives it in such a way that they become a better person for the help. We want to give the kind of support that will allow a person to become better parent, and better child, a better friend. Better in such a way that they not only become changed, but they also affect the lives of others. Reuniting families, giving a person some pride in themselves, having someone see their own value in society, being able to share the love of our Creator; these are the types of generational changes we want to see in people.

This may seem like lofty ideals to some of you, and they probably are. But the way I choose to look at it is another old saying, “If you reach for the stars all you’ll get is the stars, but if you reach for the sky, you get the stars thrown in.” We at Joy Squared continually seek your prayers for discernment and the joy we share is true and out of our abundance.