Chris and Neaners

What we do

We have many stories that are beautiful examples of what can be done and what is possible in the realm of shared joy. Joy Squared is defined and experienced when both the giver and the recipient of an act of kindness are mutually rewarded and transformed. There really is nothing more rewarding then helping another to understand his worth and to gain a new perspective on how deeply valued he is by another person, and more importantly, by God. It is joy on steroids so to speak.

Our current focus

After reading the book Wanted by Chris Hoke, we found a cause that perfectly fit our mission.  Chris works for Tierra Nueva in Washington State. Tierra Nueva is an international organization, but the focus of the team in Washington is on migrant workers, gang members, and jail inmates, and providing them with supporting families, alternatives to a gang lifestyle, and ways to break to cycle of drugs, violence and incarceration.

The Tierra Nueva staff is responsible for raising 100% of their annual financial support.  Typically there is a shortfall between budget and giving.  This year, Joy Squared is providing financial support specifically to Chris in his efforts with inmates and gang members, and to “Neaners” who himself is a former gang member, familiar with the jail system, as well as donating finances to their gang efforts.

Tierra Nueva has also developed their own brand of coffee that hires people who they have helped get their life on track.  Joy Squared is committed to build awareness of the Tierra Nueva Coffee brand and placing it in facilitating placing the coffee in locations that otherwise would not know of the coffee. The coffee is currently being used at The Terrace Coffee House at Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA and Cottonwood Meadow Lodge in Utah.  We are looking for other churches and groups that are interested in serving this coffee and in turn, supporting the generational life change that Chris, Neaners, and Tierra Nueva is striving for.

If you agree that Chris, Neaners, and Tierra Nueva need our continued support, visit our Donate page and join us in our mission. 100% of funds donated will go directly to the mission, creating more stories and multiplying joy



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