Nancy Flores felt inspired to do something after working alongside other Beautiful Mess volunteers at Mary’s Kitchen.  It was during the heat of an August day at Mary’s Kitchen that she thought, “It will not be this hot forever.  The people we are serving today are going to be very cold in the coming months.”  That one thought has become an annual jacket drive that has included Beautiful Mess, The El Dorado High School Band and Color Guard, Friends Church, Yorba Linda Public Library, post offices and fire stations.

That first year Nancy’s son Gustavo was a junior at El Dorado High School and a member of the Marching Band.  Nancy first decided to get the band involved which led to naming the project Warm Notes. Nancy know that he goal of 100 jackets was bigger than just one high school band so she went to her local library and asked online casinos if the Library would like to join the program as a drop off location. When they said yes, she went to her local fire department.  When they said yes, she went to her friends who worked at the post office.  And finally she went to her church.  Everywhere Nancy went, God seemed to be opening up doors.  That first year, Nancy tripled her original goal and she gathered 368 garments for men women and children.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nancy borrowed the Band’s trailer and she, with family and friends set out to distribute the jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts.  They started at Santa Ana Civic Center, and handed out as many jackets as were wanted.  Next stop was Mary’s Kitchen in Orange where they thought they would hand out the rest. When they were done handing out clothes at Mary’s, there were still Children’s jackets left in the trailer.  Nancy remembered another ministry at Friends Church that worked with kids in Placentia. They were getting ready to do a Christmas give away for the kids and the amount of jackets left from Warm Notes was just the right amount needed in Placentia. God showed His power and mercy once again.

In subsequent years Warm notes has more than doubled the amount of garments collected.  Collection locations have been added, and they have had expanded distribution to include a location in Fullerton.

Nancy’s story goes to show how one small thought, one small seed, can flourish with enough passion, courage, and drive.  Nancy has and awesome family and great friends who helped along the way, but it all started with one idea.  Nancy and friends are now getting ready for their 4th Annual Jacket Drive and have already added two more drop-off locations this year.  I think Nancy Flores and Warm Notes is the very definition of expanding and sharing joy.