[G]od bless our dear friend Randy Evans. He allowed us to come along side him, to enter into a meaningful relationship and to help him get back in the saddle so to speak in this thing called life. He gave us hope that in fact we can start at the base and help to strengthen one’s foundation and course that they may begin afresh, within the rules and standards that society has in place for all of us. So God bless you Randy for this hope.

Tyrone and Annette at their new apartment.

Tyrone and Annette at their new apartment.

We have known Tyrone and Annette for some time now, seeing them nearly every Saturday at Mary’s Kitchen. Tyrone has long reminded me of Randy as from the first day he consistently stepped forward to help in whatever way we needed him. A friendship and more importantly a relationship has developed to where Tyrone and Annette are trusted members of our team of volunteers. If not unloading a truck, Tyrone can be found in charge of the laundry facilities or possibly and more importantly heading up our security detail. It is simple for them, they greatly appreciate what is being done for them and they desire to give back.

We all have a story; Tyrone and Annette are no different. Their story includes roads less traveled by most. The roads they have been on though are ones that have caused self created roadblocks to a life that most of us consider normal. Roadblocks to employment and housing and nearly everything else that we all for the most part take for granted. Admirably they have stayed together, but limited odd jobs, while living out of their car has taken its toll on them. As Tyrone’s parole comes to an end, his, and as a result Annette’s, lives are at a crossroads. Decisions will no longer be monitored by the State of California, so yes; there are choices to be made. Positive choices leading to life and joy or old tapes to be played leading to re-incarceration and more than likely death. It is our firm belief that Tyrone has chosen life.

The question is then, how can we at Joy Squared come alongside them and help them, encourage them to make the decisions that will lead to the life that they so desire. How can we help calm the minds and souls of these two, which will now be required to make the life changing decisions that must be made? How can thinking be expanded and increased from thoughts and choices of pure survival from one day to the next? Seemed obvious enough to us, we rented an apartment for a defined period of time as we come to them as friends, to counsel, mentor and guide where we can. Peace, warmth and safety as the first day of the rest of their lives begin.

We will tell this story as it unfolds. It is a story of hope in permanent employment for both, a story of relationships grown, a story of help that has already begun to arrive, blessing not only Tyrone and Annette but just as importantly the ones who have given. If you desire to be a part of this story, if you desire the blessing of helping another, please contact us. We will gladly insert you right smack in the middle of a beautiful story begun in the Christmas season of 2011.

God Bless,