“You learn to pray by praying.” ~ Thomas Merton

[I] recall when Lyle and I were standing in the front of the ballroom and just prior to the doctor approaching us that I prayed.  I prayed that whatever prayer was said in my direction, intended for my benefit, would kindly bounce off of me and land upon Lyle.  I desired that my friend would receive a double dose of kindness, goodness, and grace sent from God and accessed through this compassionate, conduit of a man, Dr. Nemeh.  I believe this prayer may have been heard, well at least in part.  My heart, (and classify me as a kook if you like), firmly knows that through this process and this journey that Lyle has been healed.  I believe he has been healed in the way that Jesus desires and in a manner that will allow God’s will to be complete in this matter.  The issue is, that in my small mind, I do not yet understand or know what that will look like from human eyes and in regard to typical western medicine.  My continuing prayer and I urge it to be yours, is that Lyle’s numbers return to normal.  His numbers return to normal and his West Coast doctors have nothing but a shrug in explanation as to how that happened.

As for me, the bounce off request was not fully heeded, as I felt, I knew, that God had gone to work inside of me.  I desire that anyone reading this could feel the electricity which moved though me.   That, in and of itself, was worth the trip to Ohio.  One of my Friday morning fellas has stated aloud that my cynical heart has been healed.   I pray that it is so.  There has been a definite change in me.  Seemingly a pause button has been inserted inside my heart, a pause button, which provides for me a brief time out.  A short period of time in which I am allowed to gauge my response to what I am witnessing, experiencing or feeling.  My reaction to typical cynicism producing events has changed and has changed significantly.  Where my typical cynical reaction, my words, would cause division, hurt and sometimes anger; I have found a new peace inserted, giving me the time required to react appropriately.  Having been healed in this manner has taught me that there is indeed a fine line between cynicism and discernment.  For me, being on the correct side of the discernment/cynicism ledger has simply been a factor of time.  God has granted me the time required to process and consider and then respond in a way that reflects His heart and not mine.  Has it been a perfect record?  It has not been, but I will offer that when my reaction has headed towards a cynical one, my heart has been alerted and an opportunity for discernment has appeared.   I am a slow learner, sometimes I just stubbornly choose the cynical path.

I had the privilege this morning of sitting on the tailgate of my truck while enjoying a Starbucks with my daughter Maggie.  Besides the beautiful blessing of just spending time with Maggie, it provided an opportunity to understand a truth.  The truth and proof of the real and lasting impact this event has had upon my heart was clearly shown to me.  I did not sit in an Azusa parking lot, on the tailgate of my truck, next to my daughter, with the desire to dominate the discussion.  I arrived there to “communicate” to my daughter how special she was to me and how proud and encouraged she made me feel in the way she is going about her business.  Dominate the discussion though is exactly what I did.  I began relating to her, in detail, the events of Lyle’s and my weekend of September 15. 2012.  I related these details from the beginning until the end.  I spoke and I attempted to listen.  I spoke and I answered questions, mostly I just spoke.  We had, in my estimation, a wonderful time sitting on that tailgate but the truth hit me on the drive back to my office.  The truth of the importance and personal impact of the event hit me.  It has not faded, the thoughts, the feelings, the impact has not faded.  That is, returning to a poker analogy, a “tell” for me.  Typically a big event such as a men’s retreat would fire me up and I would return from such an event in virtual conflagration.  Sadly though, the fire would seem to self extinguish; the fire would be gone by about Wednesday of the following week.  This could be said of almost every “big” or “spiritual” event that I have been a part of or witnessed.   On fire and then poof it is gone.  I want the fire to stay, I attempt to force it to stay but poof it’s gone.  This event, this healing service, was a big deal as I sat and experienced it.   The “tell” though, is that with each passing day and with each person I tell the tale to, it grows.  This is not fading but it is in fact growing.  The importance of my healing and the need to share the beauty of it has grown.

I will finish this up with a few words concerning Dr. Nemeh.  I would say that he is the real deal but I guarantee you he would grin slightly and state that he is nothing.  After all is done and said, and if I could choose but one word, it would be the word humble.  I sense that he has been gifted with a great faith and that he is simply living his life inside that thing we call “Gods will”.  I was made privy to an email from Kathy Nemeh, Issam Nemeh’s wife, which was written to Lyle.  With her permission, I would like to share the following:  “It’s difficult to put into words what goes on at both the healing services and at Dr. Nemeh’s office.  He is so special to be around and that’s coming from his wife.  The best thing about him is that he doesn’t think he is gifted at all.  His whole life is dedicated to helping others!  I am so blessed to be around him”!

Well, that’s all I have for you at this time.  I understand that some of this is “strange” and certainly out of character from me.  If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to discuss this in whatever detail is desired. If you’d like to find out some more information about Dr. Nemeh, please visit his website http://www.pathtofaith.com.

~ Scott

 “The more a man realizes that he has received a gift he can never repay, he ‘notifies his face’ and the tenor of his life becomes one of humble, joyful thanksgiving.” ~ Brennan Manning