“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!”

1 John 3:1-2

[A]s I sat down to begin writing this section of the blog, I asked God for a “word” or something that He would like to communicate to each reader through this story.  I had just finished watering my wife’s plants in the back yard and was sitting with my face in the sun when I looked down and saw God’s response.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the garden hose laying on the ground just as I had left it, but the shape into which it had fallen was unmistakable.


With this section, I want to reflect back on previous sections of prior blogs and share how God’s patience and LOVE lead me into this amazing journey and how His guidance has been with me every moment from beginning to present.  In every step, I see God’s grace upon a stubborn and self-centered man.  His abundant love has become so much more real and alive for me!   As a friend of mine often reminds himself “God must be fond of me!”


 “be careful of what you pray for because you might just get it”

From Blog #1

In essence I had been praying for God to pull me out of my habitual self-centeredness, to give me new eyes and new ears to see what he desired of me.  I asked for more of Him and for Him to take more of me.  The only problem was that, He clearly did not understand how I meant for all of this to take place. I was ok to be moved slightly out of my comfort zone, I was ok with a possible life altering event like a short-term mission’s trip, I was even ok with committing myself on a consistent basis to noble and rewarding service project.  However, I was not ok to be the second coming of Job.  OK, so perhaps that is a slight over-dramatization, but I think you get the point.

So, bottom line, God had taken me up on my offer and my world would be forever changed.

“My agency was consuming me 24/7 and I was having a hard time finding the energy to stay with it.  I distinctly remember feeling that if I did not get out, that it would be the death of me.  So in December of 2010, I sold the agency keeping a small offshoot business and moved into a home office.”

From Blog #2

At the time, I thought it was just a symptom of being tired and exhausted, but my mind kept replaying the thought that “this business will be the death of me”.  This probably went on for a good year to year and a half until the opportunity to sell the business came about.  I had actually talked to this company about a year earlier, but we simply could not come to an agreement. But God was faithful and a year and a half later, I got a call asking if I was still open to discussion.  A deal was reached in a matter of just a few short weeks.


“there is no such thing as coincidence in God’s kingdom”

From Blog #1

It was no coincidence that God allowed a deal to be reached this time.  I have NO doubt, that if I had not sold the business, then I would never have agreed to lead the Wild at Heart group launch at my church.  I then would have never have met David Hashimoto who God gave my ear to when he spoke so glowingly of an organization called Joy Squared and ultimately led me to the serving opportunity at Mary’s Kitchen.  Without serving at Mary’s, I would never have met Pam Riegel who worked at the local hospital and referred me to my physician.  Without that referral I would not have taken that first step on making an appointment.  God met me just where I was.  He removed every obstacle, every fear, and every excuse I had just to get me in to see that doctor.  Whether I realized it or not, God had begun answering my prayer.

Oh, and that “offshoot business” that I did not sell with the agency…through it, God continued to faithfully provide for my family and allowed is to focus on dealing with all of my health issues.  No employer on earth could have kept me employed during this season of my life.



One of things I would imagine that people do when they are given not so good news about their health is to begin searching.  For some that may mean searching for meaning in their life, for others it may mean searching for what or who they determine to be god in their life.  For me, it is simple…I want to live…I want a cure.  As a believer, the first place I turn is to God.  I have always believed in the power of God and the gifts of the Spirit.  While I suspect that I have benefitted from the power of God and his interventions more times than I deserve, it is with the gifts of the Spirit that I have always had a particular fascination with, particularly the gift of healing.  The bible explicitly says that Jesus healed and my attitude was that if he did it then, He can and still does it now!   I just never expected that I would be the one to need the healing.

“To each is given the manifestations of the spirit for the common good…to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit…”

1st Cor: 7-10



So, in this day of fingertip knowledge, I jumped onto the internet and typed in the letters F..A..I..T..H   H..E..A..L..E..R..S.  The first link that looked like it had any potential was a link Dr. Oz.  Now, while I had heard the name, I am not all that familiar with Dr. Oz, but having nothing to lose, I clicked.  The link led me to the show where Dr. Issam Nemeh was the focused guest.  He was introduced as the doctor who “doesn’t perform surgeries or prescribe drugs, instead he heals through prayer” and “who heals with his unshakable faith and his two hands”.  Now I know some are probably beginning to experience visions of a charismatic Benny Hinn kind of character right about now, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I assure you that if you listen to this man, Dr. Nemeh, for 5 minutes you will be struck by his devoutness, his humility, his kind gentle demeanor, and his compassion towards others.

I had one non-negotiable item, one deal killer that I was looking for that would determine how far I would be willing to go along this pathway.  It had to be of God.  So, still a little skeptical (something that I have in common with my friend Scott “Spoon Fed” Denton) I proceeded to do a little more research.  I found several more links each one of them continuing to validate my initial impressions of this man and each one drawing me closer to a decision on whether or not to seek out this man Dr. Nemeh.

After these and many more viewings, I was confident that there was legitimacy to this man’s claim of “connectedness” to God.  Now the next step would be to move from confident to convinced and there was only one way I knew of to make that happen.  I was headed to Cleveland!  The only question was with who and how soon.

P.S.  Here is the latest video of a Dr. Nemeh patient:

Dr. Nemeh will be holding a prayer and healing conference in Los Angeles on May 4th & 5th to the LAX Marriott.  You can find information at