Joy Squared helps facilitate involvement to come alongside hurting people, bringing transforming joy to both those that are helped and those who help.


[F]or the longest time I have mulled the idea of mutual blessings in what we do at Joy Squared; the simple idea that we are blessed as much or more than those whom we help.   I seem to feel the need to quantify or clarify the words.  My desire in crafting the correct words is to cause all who come in contact with our organization to realize, to the greatest extent possible, the true blessing of being on either end of an act of kindness.  I, as I often do, sit quietly and ask God to give me the correct words to convey a thought or feeling.  I believed God was, in His silence, telling me to figure this one out on my own.  I have sat many times considering this very idea and then I had the honor of sitting down and talking to Donny in regard to “Squeaky.”

“Squeaky” is a 1983 motor home, which was purchased by Joy Squared, to provide a rolling home for Donny and Lisa.  Donny and Lisa can be found on Saturdays at the Kitchen by the washing machines, themselves being blessed, by the simple act of doing the laundry of others.   Donny spoke to us awhile back about his desire to provide a safer and more comfortable living arrangement for himself and more importantly, for Lisa.  He came to me asking, “Scott, do you know anyone who has and RV, who would want to give it to a homeless couple?”  “Well Donny”, I said,”no, I do not know anyone who owns an RV that they would like to give away but I will get to work on that.”  Thus began, what has become a common practice for me, a period of quiet, a period of prayer in regard to the question or request, which has been brought to me.   This for me is rather like the process, taught to me by Dan Stoner, of not hitting the “send” button on an email for 24 hours.  A cooling off period so to speak to confirm that what you are saying or are about to do is based in wisdom and in goodness.  This cooling off period allowed Donny to do what he needed to do, which we in A.A. refer to as the “footwork”.  Donny, not I, needed to research the idea; Donny needed to discover the cost and availability of a modest rolling home.  I am tickled to report that Donny did just that.  He zeroed in on a market that would do the trick for “about $2,500.”  Donny and Lisa began looking at various RVs and in the process encouraged me, by not settling on the first RV, which had wheels.  The search eventually took them to Anaheim and to “Squeaky”.    He reported a $2,900 price tag and then we entered into a literal 24 hour waiting period to pray and consider.  I asked Donny to purposefully consider the responsibilities and the anticipated consequences of such a purchase.  I checked off with a couple on the Joy Squared team and when Donny gave me the call the following day, calm and at peace with the decision, we moved forward.

So, as usual, I have walked a winding wordy path to my point.   My point, my desire is a simple appreciation of  the shared joy and goodness created and nutured by what we are doing in and through Joy Squared.  A simple point, but the words, which would do the thought justice, continue to elude me.   The words are fleeting but I think the video attached to this blog will speak volumes toward what it is I am attempting to communicate.  I would ask you to pay special attention to Donny’s self-realization that he is as much a part of Joy Squared as the ones writing checks.  This is my hope, a collective self-realization, that we are both sides of the equation blessed.  Joy Squared!