[I] miss my friend.  Randy was not a project or a recipient of Christian do gooding, he was my friend. 

I have to admit that I became a bit aggravated with my friend during his last days at St. Joseph.   The daily visits to the hospital, with to the layman’s eyes no improvement.  The bickering amongst his family members, while shouldered mostly by Dan, was bothersome.  Oh my and the smell that hit you as you exited the elevator onto his floor……Some time has passed since his passing and services and I have had a chance to reflect a bit…..

The fruit of that reflection is that I miss him. 

When I first came in contact with Randy at Mary’s Kitchen some three plus years ago it was not all warm and fuzzy.  Randy studied me and my son.   You could tell he was sizing us up, first trying to gauge any threat level and secondly to assess our motives.   It took a few weeks before he would even give me the time of day.  The ultimate ice breaker was handing him Brennan Manning’s Ragamuffin Gospel.  He took it and after reading a portion of it, his stance softened and we began what was to both of us a very important relationship.

I take no credit in helping Randy re-enter society and finding purpose.  God did what God does so well, He offered love and grace and Randy accepted it.  We collectively did what God whispered to each of us to do and I am grateful that I was a part.

At the end of the day I believe all that God asks of us is to be willing to come alongside others, to be vulnerable to enter relationship and be for others some factor of joy.

Randy, you are loved and missed by many!  Don’t forget to get us a tee time.

Love you Brother,