Mission Statement

“We come alongside people who are in need, with the discerning vision to swiftly and discreetly assist in closing a short term gap, resulting in lasting and generational change in their lives.”


What does that mean?

We search out people, organizations, and ministries that are in the process of pulling themselves out of a bad situation or are already doing amazing thing for others and we help them get to the next step with the resources we have available to us.  We aren’t looking to start any new undertaking, but prefer to work with people who are already on the road to recovery or have an existing project where we can lend support to take it to the next level. Our plan is to land our support with an end in sight.  It may be a calendar year or some other specific time frame.  This will allow those we support to become self sufficient.  It is the classic “teach a man to fish” scenario. Support can be, but not limited to, financial in nature. Building awareness and influence is another way we can lend support. One important facet that we look at when discerning who and what we come alongside is the element of change.  Will our support cause a lasting life change for an individual or group?

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