[I] waiting on writing this so it didn’t seem like I was hopping on the 9/11 band wagon, because honestly it has nothing to do with 9/11 except that the interview that sparked my writing happened at Ground Zero and  was a discussion on First Responders.  It is also not a set up for an off-colored joke, although it was a conversation between a Rabbi, an Imam, and a Jesuit Priest.

I was driving in my car listening to NPR, which I often do, and heard this conversation about 9/11 and First Responders.  The panel was discussing why people went into the World Trade Center to help and what part that religion might have played in people responding to the tragedy. The three religions men gave responses about unity within the various religious beliefs, bla, bla bla.  Then, the interviewer asked a question that got my blood boiling.  It wasn’t until I listened to the question over and over again on line, did I realize he wasn’t asking on his behalf, but for “those” who might think this way.  He asked, (I’m paraphrasing) “Some might say that it was not because a belief in God but because sense of duty of or human bond that caused the first Responders to rush to help people, and because we are naturally wired that way, a belief in God isn’t required. But is it easier to do those types of things when there is a belief in a force greater than you?”

My head was spinning so fast that I didn’t even hear rest of the show including the answer given. It wasn’t until I listened to the audio of program to write this that I found out that the question was directed to the Imam, and he agreed with the question that we are wired that way, absent of God.  I cut him some slack because Muslims don’t necessarily believe we are created in the image of God. But I was pretty mad at the Rabbi and priest for not saying (as their Holy Scriptures do) that we are indeed created in the image of our God, who is the very essence of love and grace.  Who do you think “wired” us? I believe that all humans are created by good, for good, and to do good to each other. Do we fall short? YES. I also believe we live in a fallen world were temptations are everywhere we look.  People make a choice to help one another because our Creator made us that way.  Is a believe in God necessary to do good? No, because if we believe in God or not, He still created us in His image. It is because He created us all that we have that “Human bond” that allows us to make the choice to help each other.  Does it help to have a belief in a greater force (AKA God)? Yes, (and I am speaking from my own experience here) because when you truly have God in your life, you become less self-focused, even to the point of putting yourself in danger to help others.

I’m now getting off my soap box, but I am anxious to get your feedback on my beliefs.  Are you a spiritual person?  Do you think it matters when considering service to others?  Can you bring Joy without being given the joy of salvation? Join in the discussion here.



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