[I] was so encouraged today as I received a phone call from Bill Shumard.  Bill has been serving on a regular basis with Joy Squared at Mary’s Kitchen.  Bill is part of a mens group from Yorba Linda Friends Church who has collectively been blessed by being of service.  Bill is like all of us, a busy individual with many irons in the fire.  Bill is the President/CEO of Special Olympics Southern California, so imagine his day.  Looks a bit like your day and my day, don’t you think…busy!  The encouragement came in that he took the time to contact me to discuss the idea he had and further that he held what we are all doing in high enough regard to allow Joy Squared to be the beneficiary of his thinking. 

It really is about relationship as somehow we touched Patrick and Joyce Galligar’s hearts and we watched their passion for what we do at Mary’s Kitchen blossom.  Patrick in turn was able to successfully communicate his new found passion to the men of his small group, of which Bill is a part.  Patrick, Bill, the others in their group and many of their wives now faithfully serve on a regular basis at the kitchen.  Their service looks like this: Cooking, serving, BBQing, cleaning, being blessed.

Bill, as part of his “Master’s Program”, was issued a challenge in the form of a one hundred dollar bill; to multiply it and cause it to advance The Kingdom of God.  I would ask that you look at the Joy Squared website and click on the tab “Bill’s Challenge”.  Offer Bill some encouragement and if you are of the mind, offer him some cash.  Possibly, your heart will be touched as all of ours have been and we can plug you into service.  Now that, in my opinion would be advancing the Kingdom.