[D]ouglas came to me shortly after his latest “battle” with a truck.  His version is the truck hit him while he rode his bike, his version.  In any case Douglas ended up with a broken leg and a broken bicycle.  Douglas, returning to the kitchen after a month long stay in the hospital, had him limping and without transportation.  I realized I had a bike hanging from the ceiling of my garage, unused for years.  Approximately fifty dollars later, a bit of effort and Doug was back on the road.


My advice, in the interest of safety, is that we steer clear of Douglas as he moves to and fro but the joy produced by a very simple effort, directed towards Doug, was remarkable. The joy was remarkable, the joy was simple and the joy went two directions.

I wonder how many of us have bikes hanging from the ceiling of our garage.  I would venture a guess that the numbers are high enough to provide a micro ministry to the macro whole of Joy Squared.  If any of you feels moved to spruce up your “hanging bike” and move it on to a new owner, please contact us.  Better yet, if one of you is moved to make this micro ministry your own, we would love to hear from you.