[M]y journey began when my wife came home from serving at Mary’s Kitchen and told me of her experience taking sacked lunches down to Santa Ana and how there was a need there. After hearing this, I knew I had to check it out for myself. I remember praying to God that if I do this, “to allow me to make a difference in at least one person’s life.” Not only did He answer my prayer, God’s plan was much bigger to which I was and continue to be amazed.

On my first trip down to Santa Ana, I did not have a clue what to expect and went into it somewhat afraid and with a negative preconceived judgment on those I would be serving. Boy was I ever glad to be wrong. The people I met were normal folks who had lost their job or made a few bad choices. God knows that I have made several bad decisions in my life as well. On that first day, I met a construction worker that was laid off, a veteran, an out of work college professor and a mother with her child. Listening to their stories, it made me realize that these people were just like me and they wanted to feel accepted and visible. With God’s grace, the lunch bags have multiplied to 60 and then to 120 to hand out almost every week.

It is through this ministry where I had the opportunity to meet and come alongside some people who were hurting and needed someone to walk alongside with. I knew right away that this is where God wanted me. I was blessed to come in contact with Scott Denton who is my inspiration and hero. He continues to guide, empower and mentor me and helps me in my everyday walk and struggles to which I am so thankful. It was through his humble compassion that motivated me to become a mentor for some teens. One afternoon, Scott pulled me aside and expressed the vision God had given him – to get others to walk alongside those who are hurting and to receive the joy that God freely gives us. I was honored that Scott has asked me to be a part of Joy Squared and am looking forward to seeing the multiplication of those being helped and the joy that comes from helping others.