[B]e Part of the visit this site Plan!

In my work Bible study (perk of working at a church), we recently looked at a passage in Exodus that has stayed with me the past few weeks.  That is unusual for me because with my Teflon® brain, last week’s stuff gets pushed out for this week’s and I’m on to something new. See what I mean?

We are reading Exodus 4:1-17, where Moses is making up all kinds of excuses as to why he can’t be the one to save the Israelites and take them out of Egypt.  With every excuse, God comes back with an answer.  “What if they don’t believe me…?” “Here, do these three miracles” “But I can’t speak so good.”  “I made your mouth.  I will speak for you.” Then Moses begged that God would send someone else.  The translation I have then says that “The Lords anger burned against Moses.”  (Can you imagine that?  I know God can burn a bush and keep it alive, but I still don’t want to have the Creator or everything that mad at me.)  At that point God decides to send Aaron with Moses.  Moses could have had a full portion of God’s blessing, but instead, he gets a half portion and God is pissed.

Do you ever feel that way? God is asking you to do something and you are either not confident in your ability or maybe just plain scared? I have a similar story although it is not as epic as a burning bush or a staff that turns into a snake.  I used to have a personalized plate that was a reference to God (In fact, it came from the burning bush story) One day as I was getting into my car two men walked up and asked me what the plate meant.  I quickly told them, without any explanation, got into my car to drive off.  Immediately I felt a very strong tug to go back and share Jesus with the two men.  As I drove 2009/ 8245 / giochi /BNG – Modificazioni al decreto direttoriale 28 febbraio 2007 – potete scaricarlo qui:Decreto Direttoriale 28 Febbraio 2007Decreto Direttoriale 28 Settembre 2006 Prot. out of the lot, the tugging became too much to bear. I turned my car around and parked it in the same spot to talk to the men.  In those few minutes one of the men had gone and I was able to give the remaining man a gospel of John. I could have been blessed by sharing with two men, but in my stubbornness, one of the men were gone and although the tug was now gone, I felt more like a failure.

God has a plan.  His plan will be completed.  We can either choose to be a part of it and receive His blessing, or ignore it and receive nothing.  I repeat, God’s plan will be completed, and if not with you or me, it will be with someone else. You may be saying, there aren’t a lot of Biblical stories about people choosing not to go along with the will of God. (There are plenty of stories of people trying to get out of it but ultimately deciding to listen to God) The point is: if you don’t follow God’s plan, you aren’t in the book. I’m going out on a theological limb here, but God could have asked Clyde to build and ark, but he told God no, so Noah was hanging out and God asked Noah instead. The rest is history. Noah’s family repopulates the world…Clyde, not so much.

The reason I love working with Joy Squared is that we all help each other feel the call of God, act on it, be part of the plan, and not only receive God’s blessing but share it.  If you are interested in getting help to hear the call, or act on it in some way, or share some blessing, we are here to help. Leave a comment and we can start a discussion. Read the stories of what others have done. Bottom line is that it is God’s plan and He gets the glory, we just want to be a part of the plan.