[W]ho is really blessed here anyway?  Is it the homeless that live in and around the Santa Ana River basin for whatever reason, because of mental illness, bad economy, or self inflected by drugs or alcohol?  Or is it me, this self-righteous, self-centered SOB that would rather be tailgating at a UCLA football game, golfing or just lazing around the house on Saturdays?  God only knows…

The homeless people of Mary’s Kitchen get fed six days a week, have the opportunity to take a shower and wash their clothes.  This gives them a little dignity and can lift their spirits some.  They get to fellowship with each other and spend time with other spiritual leaders like Scott, Dan and others who are serving them.

Well, 4 years ago in my Saturday MOB group, we were challenged by one of our fellow Mobsters to get off our lazy butts and put Gods words into action.  So a group of us along with our wives decided to start serving at Mary’s Kitchen.  We buy, cook and serve our famous lasagna and are now on a 6 week rotation.

The blessings I’ve received are incredible.  Being able to serve with my wife Joyce and my 3 kids, God teaching not to be so judgmental towards the less fortunate and just loving and accepting people for whom they are.  Not bad for a Christian under construction.  I would say I’ve been blessed more, but the great people of Mary’s may think otherwise. So I ask who’s really blessed here?

Patrick Galligar