Dear friends and family,

I am currently a student in “The Master’s Program,” a three-year life mastery curriculum designed to help me create balance, margin and focus in my life–ultimately leading to utilizing the gifts and abilities God has given me for His glory.  I’m halfway through, and it has been a motivating, challenging and humbling experience!

In yesterday’s quarterly meeting, we were each given a “Kingdom Assignment” in the form of a $100 bill.  We were challenged to “manage, multiply and invest this money in some way that advances God’s Kingdom agenda–the cause of Christ in the world.  It must advance God’s Kingdom Purpose.”  (For those interested, see Jesus’ “Parable of the Talents” in Matthew 25:14-30).

giving back providing a helping handRecognizing God’s heart for the poor and homeless, and our responsibility to come alongside them, I’m selecting “Joy Squared” as the non-profit organization I am moved to support.  Joy Squared provides financial and in-kind resources to Mary’s Kitchen in the City of Orange–another non-profit organization that provides meals to the homeless.  Along with several other men at Yorba Linda Friends Church, I have volunteered and contributed regularly at Mary’s for the past four years.  Every six weeks, we provide a hot meal to approximately 150 homeless people in North Orange County.  It is humbling to see the gratitude on the faces of the people we feed and what momentary joy we bring to their troubled lives.

During my last assignment at Mary’s Kitchen, some of the people we served expressed great need for things other than food–bus passes for transportation; clean and dry socks; batteries…everyday things that most of us take for granted.  So I am moved to start an account at “Joy Squared,” matching the $100 I was given in my “Kingdom Assignment,” to start a new account to provide these additional items to the people who have great need for them.

If you are motivated to make a one-time donation of any amount to this cause, please visit and click on “donate.”  Scott and Dan, fellow YLFC attendees who operate the organization, will make sure these funds go directly to help the homeless who visit Mary’s Kitchen on a regular basis.

Over the next several weeks, we will hear much about supporting the poor–whether that be through government or from our own resources.  The Mary’s Kitchen experience reminds me that it truly is better to give than to receive, and  I would much rather have the privilege of giving myself than passing it off to someone else.  Thanks for considering, and God bless you and yours.

With respect,