[I] first came to Mary’s Kitchen after meeting David handing out sack lunches on a Saturday in Santa Ana. I had been searching for somewhere to start doing service work again and wasn’t having much luck. Finally one morning I couldn’t fight the urge anymore and decided to go handout McDonalds hamburgers by the courthouses because a friend had told me I would find a lot of folks in need there. I knew I was on the right track when I first pulled up to the McDonalds and a man asked me for a dollar to buy lunch. I asked him to come in with me and placed his order with mine. I bought 50 burgers that day and set off to give them away.

When I came across David handing out the sack lunches I shared that I was looking for a place to do service and he asked me to join their church group at Mary’s Kitchen. I was very reluctant about working with any church group so I didn’t go for a few weeks, but then one Saturday morning again I woke up and couldn’t fight the urge to serve. I told myself I would go to Mary’s Kitchen once and if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to go back. That was almost three years ago.

I first began to do service work to help others and I keep doing service work because it makes me feel good. I do believe that it is in giving that we may receive. From my first day at Mary’s I was welcomed by all. I enjoy being able to help out and treasure the friendships I have formed. Scott has the heart of a hundred blessed men and exudes a calmness that only comes from someone who has been to the dark side and come back with loving kindness. I am honored to help serve on the board of Joy Squared with others as compassionate as Scott that we may be able to help folks in need.