[A] while back I met a young married couple, she a teacher and him on his way to becoming a professional baseball player. I have prayed for them over the years as a friend of her mother, its what we do-pray for each other’s kids. The dream of baseball came and went, and then God replaced that dream with a greater role, parenthood. You see there were two little girls who needed a strong daddy and a loving mother. The two little girls were born into an unhealthy, unsafe environment of drugs, mental instability and darkness.

In the beginning, my young married friends reached out to the birth ‘mom’ of the two precious little girls. They tried to help her get her life on track. They babysat for her, they prayed for her, they supported her and they tried to point her in the right direction.

They babysat so often that they became the precious little girls safe haven. It became apparent that the girls needed rescuing from an unsafe situation and God made it obvious to my young married friends that they were meant to be Mom & Dad to the precious little girls. We all prayed. The birth mom showed some resistance, as you would expect, but in the end acquiesced realizing what was best. Well, my strong, young and faithful married friends followed the plan that God laid out for them. Exhibiting much patience, love and care for all involved, they went through the endless and expensive court processes. They won their case and became Mommy and Daddy to the two precious little ones.

The girls are safe and happily adjusting. Plucked from an unsafe life that, as I know from serving at Mary’s Kitchen, doesn’t end so well. I believe the two little girls have been rescued from a scary and dangerous existence and delivered into a life where blessings abound. A life where Jesus is the Way, a life where they know they are loved, safe and secure.

Many prayers have been prayed because that is what we do for each other. Much money has been spent (all of it in fact) as this is an expensive endeavor. The new parents are left trusting the Lord and asking for His provision, the thing they do best. Their faithfulness is their testimony and key to their success.

God put it on my heart to ask Joy Squared for help. So God brought us all together to hand them a check- How fitting that this exchange should happen at Mary’s Kitchen, quite possibly a ‘future reality’ for the two little girls, if my young married friends did not step in. The beautiful new family arrived unaware and I will never forget their reaction as they opened the check, there were tears and they were physically taken a back, as they verbally told us of their needs and their future plans. What a blessing to be part of their remarkable story! Although it doesn’t end here, our prayers love and support will continue. Praise God for the privilege to help them progress, pay some bills and relieve some debt. Praise God for their diligence to make things right. Praise God for the ability to multiply His Joy, thru Joy Squared, in the lives of this new young family.